Company records show that John OBrien owns 95 per cent of the project. 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ABOUT US. Katter was Minister for Northern Development and Aboriginal and Islander Affairs from 1983 to 1987, Minister for Northern Development, Community Services and Ethnic Affairs from 1987 to 1989, Minister for Community Services and Ethnic Affairs in 1989, Minister for Mines and Energy in 1989, and Minister for Northern and Regional Development for a short time in 1989 until the Nationals were defeated in that years election. In the 2016 election, Katter retained his seat over Kennedy, with a larger swing of 8.93 points to him. There are so many sides to Bob Katter that at times it becomes difficult to say if he is the maddest man in Australian politics or, particularly given recent events in federal politics, one of the sanest. [53] His response to the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey result was the subject of international attention, as in response he declared that the issue of crocodiles killing people in North Queensland was more pressing than same-sex marriage, and therefore he declared that "I ain't spending any more time" on the latter issue. Their son Robbie Katter is also a politician serving as a Member of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland for Traeger, having previously represented Mount Isa from 2012 to 2017. [15] In 2001, he resigned from the National Party and easily retained his seat as an independent at the general elections of 2001, 2004, 2007 and 2010, each time ending up with a percentage vote in the high sixties after preferences were distributed. She recently moved into his Mount Isa home. Pearl Nia Nia, the bar attendant, looks faintly astonished, but later says: ''That was nice; we get a lot of pollies in here, and no-ones ever recited a poem to me before, or asked my name.''. However, in the 2013 election, Katter faced his first serious competition since his initial run for Kennedy in 1993. Actually, I do.''. He also believed the laws endangered states rights in Australia. As of April 2023, Bob and his wife Susan are still married. Robert Carl Ignatius Katter (born 3 March 1977) is an Australian politician. Bob Katter is currently married to Susan Mary ORourke, they had their wedding in 1970 in Australia. Katter left state politics in 1992, and the following year was elected to federal parliament standing in the Division of Kennedy (his father's old seat). His paternal grandparents went to Cloncurry in a stage coach around 1900. Also as low as $10 per article, you can get your articles published here and get a 2 permanent referral links to your preferred websites. ''Pearl,'' she answers and he's off. He was one of only six at his school to complete year 12. If Katter has his way, CopperString will become the $5 billion funds signature project. READ ALSO: Giddyfia BBNaija Biography, Giddyfia Photo, Age, Real Name from Season 7 Bob Katter Siblings He was previously active in state politics from 1974 to 1992. Katter's paternal grandfather was a Lebanese migrant, who owned clothing stores throughout north Queensland. Her death still greatly affects Katter, who, when I ask him to tell me about his mother, is for the first, and only time in all of our conversations, rendered speechless. In 1994, Katter advocated against federal privacy laws[11] that bypassed Tasmania's anti-gay laws,[12] claiming the government was "helping the spread of AIDS" and legitimizing "homosexual behavior". At the eighth point, a Liberal candidates preferences flowed overwhelmingly to Katter, allowing him to defeat Hulls by 4,000 votes. ''Hop in,'' Katter says, ''I'll give you a lift back to work.''. In 2001 he resigned from the National Party and easily retained his seat as an independent at the 2001, 2004, 2007 and 2010 general elections, each time with a percentage of the vote in the high sixties after preferences were distributed. He left state politics in 1992 and was elected to federal parliament the following year, standing in the division of Kennedy (his fathers old seat). Other investors would fill the gap between the government loans and the construction cost, Joseph OBrien says. How much is Bob Katter worth? The family connection between Bob and I is well known and has not been raised by the Queensland government or Commonwealth government as a concern for them.. Tasmania at the time had the world's harshest anti-homosexuality laws. His father, Bob Katter Sr., was an Australian politician who was in the House of Representatives from 1966 to 1990, representing the National Party (originally named the Country Party). This, in turn, prompted his half-brother Carl to pop out of the closet on prime-time television. Asked how he feels about an outback Queensland family marrying into a Sydney dynasty, Katter says: We wouldnt be allowed to deliver their mail.. Nationwide News Pty Ltd 2023. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Reportedly angered by his decision to back Kevin Rudd (ALP) for Prime Minister after Julia Gillards (Prime Minister) ban on live cattle exports (Rudd reopened the live export market within weeks), Katter still has a primary vote got swing of more than 17 points. But back to Katter, who is apparently neither black nor white, but turning an apoplectic shade of purple over the treatment of Australia's first people. James Brickwood. So here I am with Bob Katter, deep in Katter country, on my quest to find the man beneath the hat. He was in the backseat. I walk into the pub, past the gaming lounge and into the bar, where I finally spot the reason I am here. APA said that CopperString didnt include its own construction costs in its economic forecasts, and made other basic mistakes that exaggerated the projects benefits. His wife is a private person and together they have five children, Robbie Katter, Mary Jane Katter, Olivia Katter, Eliza Katter, and Caroline Katter. Despite name recognition, Katter stalked Hulls for most of the night. APA seems to be aghast that two governments, one Liberal and one Labor, are funding a project designed to undercut low-emissions commercial power stations that cost $1 billion, including one that began operating last month. If the project is built - and Queensland Premier Annastacia. He contested Nanango for the party in 2015, but was defeated. Into the rental bay to find the hire car among the rows of four-wheel-drives shimmering in the heat, wash me scrawled across their back windows. ''I AM A BLACK MAN, I AM A WHITE MAN, I AM neither because I am one of the Curry mob, and we have no blood, only each other,'' Katter says during another interview, this time at the Paddo tavern in Brisbane's inner west, where he orders a Coke and recites a poem to the woman who serves it. He junior was a strong supporter of Premier Joh Bjelke-Petersen while in the Queensland Parliament, though he remained in the cabinet under Mike Ahern, ultimately resigning from Cabinet along with Russell Cooper. Bob Katter urges the government to fund CopperString during question time last year. As for valuation comparisons with Ausnet and Spark, OBrien says they are unfair because those companies have better growth prospects. ''What is your name?'' I introduce my wife to the amazing walking talking meme, BOB KATTERJOIN OUR DISCORD: Export \u0026 Factory Farming (Dominion): Email (business enquiries): Discord: Goodreads Twitter: Instagram: Website: #scomo #AusVotes2022Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education and research. This article is about the current Australian politician. His name is strongly associated with Rudd. Katter has also said that he wants the government to provide a separate loan of $500 million, which would mean the project would probably only have to raise $500 million on commercial terms. The family later moved to Cloncurry to run a general store. [21] As a result, he broke with Windsor and Oakeshott and supported the Liberal/National Coalition for Government. A north Queensland pilot has been sentenced to five years in jail, to be released after two, after he was convicted of fraud over flights he chartered without a licence for Kennedy MP Bob Katter. I travel a fair bit and I've seen him strolling along in the airport terminal, smiling and waving to people while the speakers are blaring: ''Could Mr Bob Katter please make his way urgently to Gate Four, your plane is ready for departure.''. Katter presented his 20 points document and asked the major parties to respond before deciding which party he would support. '', He'd fixed me with a cool gaze and said: ''Not in the country, I'm not. Robert Cummin (Bob) Katter (1918-1990), businessman and politician, was born Cummin Katter on 5 September 1918 in South Brisbane, fourth child of Carl Robert Katter, a Lebanese draper, and his locally born wife Vivian Bridget, ne Warby. Bob Katter is an Australian politician who has been a member of the House of Representatives since 1993. In the end, Katter was re-elected on Labor preferences, suffering a two-party swing of 16 points to the Liberal National party. He writes about politics and business from the Sydney newsroom. IS THERE an IPO of the Rolling Stones pending? Returning to Cloncurry, he worked in his familys businesses, and as a labourer in the Mt Isa Mines. ''Oh, no you don't,'' Katter says, shaking his head. who is nadine on larry's country diner, forest river heritage glen problems,
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