Simply enter your zip code, and the BCD436HP will quickly select and scan channels in your local area. - LINK TO TG 6448 OR DISPR. Default; Distance; Rating; Name (A - Z) Sponsored Links. ch.20 (VERY SHORT TRANSMISSIONS) *UP ARGO YD, FIFE YD, ch.23 *BNSF SEATTLE, *AMTRAK ON-BOARD RADIOS, ch.27 *U.P. Close Call RF Capture Technology with Do-Not-Disturb This websitehas links to feeds for the law enforcement dispatch channels for Bend PD, Redmond PD and the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office (which includes dispatch for Black Butte Ranch PD and SunriverPD). < 6000 FT.) (FT. LAWTON), OMNI AIR INTL (PREMIER AVAI 1 GROUND SERVICES), MARTINAIR (OUTBOUND) (SLATTERLY GROUND SERVICES), SUN COUNTRY AIRLINES (IN/OUTBOUND FLIGHT OPS), AIR CANADA (INBOUND FLIGHT OPS) - HANDLED BY UNITED, GALVIN FLIGHT SERVICES (FBO) BOEING FIELD, AMERICAN AIRLINES (IN/OUTBOUND FLIGHT OPS), CASINO EXPRESS (INBOUND FLIGHT OPS) (RARE USE), UNITED AIRLINES (INBOUND FLIGHT OPS) and ramp control, SHUTTLE BY UNITED (IN/OUT FLIGHT OPS) - AIR COACH xxx, CARGOLUX AIR FREIGHT (INBOUND & ENROUTE OPS), WA53 Harborview Medical Center Helipad deconfliction freq (painted on the ramp), CONTINENTAL AIRLINES (INBOUND FLIGHT OPS & MAINT), SCANDINAVIAN AIRLINES (INBOUND OPS) CONDOR, SCANDINAVIAN AIRLINES (INBOUND OPS) also AER LINGUS,SUN COUNTRY and ASIANA, NORIZON AIRLINES / BIG SKY AIRLINES (INBOUND), NORTHWEST AIRLINES (IN/OUTBOUND FLIGHT OPS), AMERICA WEST AIRLINES (IN/OUT FLIGHT OPS) - CACTUS xxx, UNITED EXPRESS (SKYWEST) INBOUND FLIGHT OPS, HARBOR AIRLINES (IN/OUTBOUND FLIGHT OPS) - SEA & SAN JUANS, HAWAIIAN AIRLINES (INBOUND) - HANDLED BY NORTHWEST, FEDERAL EXPRESS (OPS) - SEA-TAC & PAINE FIELD, SEATTLE CENTER ATC - SEA-TAC APPR/DEP LIGHT AIRCRAFT, SEA-TAC APPROACH CONTROL (PRIMARY) RWY 16R, SEATTLE CENTER ATC (WHIDBEY IS.) *HOMEDCO *SWEDISH HOSP. (N) A/P *UP #DOWN TARGET STORES? Text Tagging #210 - TRANSPORTATION, HIGHLINE SD SEC/BUSES/VOICE PAGING (NOW 800MHZ), FEDERAL WAY SCHOOL DIST SECURITY (NOW TG35120), JACK IN THE BOX - 185TH & AURORA (/33.16), S.I.R. ), Snoq Summit- Terrain Park, Grooming (West, Central and East/Hyak), SNOQUALMIE VALLEY SCHOOL DIST. Curious how your city collaborates with NBAT and emergency operations in general? The base side is multicast on all three repeaters while the mobile units are affiliated with only one repeater at a time Charleston Rural Fire Protection District Confederated Tribes Coos Bay Coquille Coquille Indian Tribe Millington North Bay Fire Protection District North Bend Sumner Federal United States Coast Guard Shoplifter CWID EV. #409 - TRANSPORTATION, SHORELINE SCHOOL DIST. Local law enforcement and fire agencies have transitioned to a new P25 trunked radio system and the Districts old analog radio system has been decommissioned. 453.1750 TAC 12 (GREAT BEND TOWER S HWY 281) Driving Directions from North Bend/Snoqualmie - Take SR 202 through Snoqualmie. The Communications Unit is comprised of two Dispatch Supervisors and eleven Dispatchers. Editors note: Due to incorrect information provided by the Bellevue Police Department, Officer Aguirres surname was misspelled in an earlier version of this story. Proceed to SE Douglas Street and turn left. (Left Side of the Stereo Feed ), 453. WA ST OF (DES MOINES) (RO?) See more Emergency & Public Safety Scanner VHF - 16Kbps West Bend - Wisconsin , United States - English Suggest an update Get the live Radio Widget DOWNTOWN SEA. ), Metropolitan Park Towers, security (1100 Olive Way), Meydenbauer Convention Center, Not Ch1 or 2, BELLEVUE C.C. Very informative ! View Subcategory Details. CBPD is committed to serving our community with Honor - Integrity - Excellence - Teamwork. The Communications Unit is one of Coos Countys two 9-1-1 Centers and provides police, fire and emergency medical dispatch for Coos Bay Police and Fire, North Bend Police and Fire, Coquille Police and Fire, Coquille Tribal Police, and Southwestern Oregon Community College campus security. MAINT/SECURITY/VOICE PAGING (A/P #=DUMP), ____RIT PAGING CWID 6:52AM 658-XXXX 1:52PM, Possibly Bellevue Community College At the S building, going to the kitchen, CITY OF BELLEVUE (WATER TELEMETRY?) Police Frequency Search Search by state, county or city Search names Search by zip code Search zips Advanced Police Frequency Search State name County name City name Advanced search *RI FOR 155.565 GRH CO POL, AMR AMBULANCE (SOUTH KING CO.) (linked to 851.4625), WSP - KING COUNTY MARS - SIMULCAST/460.550 & TRUNK (154.650 IN), Snoq Summit- Central Summit area Ski Patrol, Snoq Summit- East/Hyak Summit area Ski Patrol, NORTHSHORE SCHOOL DIST. The CEMP provides internal guidance in responding to and managing a variety of emergencies. The Districtdispatches for 15 police and fire/emergency medical services (EMS) agencies and works closely with the U.S. Forest Service, AirLink, Oregon State Police, and other State and Federal entities. DISP. "Call if you can, text if you can't.". For more information, visit their website, or Please join us in making Coos Bay a safe place to live, work and visit. CTCSS/DCS Codes Many DPS units now operate on the TxWARN P25 system. Primary dispatch frequencies used within each region are listed for each sub-region. Text to9-1-1 is available in Deschutes County. If you would like to share your thoughts or experiences in relation to this story, please email the reporter or, 2 dead, 1 critically wounded in shooting at Cal Anderson Park in Seattle, Think Seattle-area property taxes are rising fast? 8:40-9:30 AM FLYING KENMORE-FRIDAY HARBOR-KENMORE AIR, Fred Meyer. . Service search Live Coos County Sheriff and Fire, North Bend Police | 66 Favorites Coos County Sheriff and Fire, North Bend Police - US - Listen to free internet radio, news, sports, music, audiobooks, and podcasts. ), SEATTLE CENTER ATC (WHIDBEY APPROACH/DEPARTURE EAST), GROUND CONTROL / CLEARANCE DELIV., OLYMPIA GND CONTROL, BOEING FIELD GROUND CONTROL, *FT. LEWIS GROUND CTRL, FLIGHT SERVICE (RENTON, BOEING FIELD, SEA-TAC), FLIGHT SERVICE (BFI, SEATTLE, ARLINGTON, PAINE FIELD), UNICOM BOEING FIELD, BELLINGHAM, PAINE, OLYMPIA, NARROWS, CREST AIRPORT UNICOM ( & KENT, BURLINGTON, PT. The Seattle Times closes comments on particularly sensitive stories. Plus 100,000 AM/FM radio stations featuring music, news, and local sports talk. Iron Mountain Quarry (Renton Concrete Recyclers), Marriott International @ Redmond Town Center, *CROWLEY MARINE, *AURORA ENGINEERING,*DEENY CONSTRUCTION, Walsh Pacific/Marriott Bellevue construction, (CWID) WES BOB *CASCADE 2-WAY RADIO WPDY675, CBRE Management - Bellevue Corporate Plaza, SEATTLE TIMES (INTERESTING B.S. The Criminal Detectives handle major crime investigations and are members of the Coos County Major Incident Team. Poor guy lost EVERYTHING he had, From Business: Located in Issaquah, Wash., the Issaquah Police Department is a law enforcement agency that preserves peace and detects and prevents crime. Fci Financial Consultants International Inc, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. Subscribe to receive the latest news & updates. (shared channel many tones), United/Continental Airlines KSEA ramp (shared channel many tones), WZR442 *EASTERN RAMP, *ARINC, HAWAIIAN, TRAMCO, DELTA, NORDSTROMS STORE DETECTIVES - SOUTHCENTER, Nordstroms Loss Prevention - Northgate Mall, WASHINGTON ALARM CO. - TELEMETRY BURSTS KBC391, Target - Kent East Hill (Unknown which channel), Ch-02 simplex on FB2 output, NW PROTECTIVE SERVICE (FAIRWOOD AREA) ch.2, 1001 4TH AVE PLAZA BUILDING - SECURITY/ENGINEERING, TRUCKING - TAKING SAWDUST FROM WEYERHAEUSER TO CAMAS, Securetrans (Seattle Housing Authority patrol), Washington State Convention Center; Deli/Kitchen, BANK OF AMERICA TOWER - SECURITY/ENGINEERING, Church of JC LDS (Mormon Temple) @ Bellevue Eastgate, WENTZ ELECTRONICS (2-WAY RADIOS) 888-0939 KNCW875, SEATTLE CENTRAL COMMUNITY COLLEGE - SECURITY, COMCAST (AT&T BROADBAND) ch.1 BACKUP REPEATER - ROOSEVELT HILL, COMCAST (AT&T BROADBAND) ch.3 BACKUP - SIMPLEX, American Airlines ramp ops KSEA (used simplex??). METRO WASTE DISPOSAL/TREATMENT PLANT MAINT. Alternatively, simply program the Statewide APCO 25 Channel Plan (plus TXCALL1 and TXCALL2) into your radio and add any channels unique to your region. Together, staff, Eastside Fire and Rescue, Snoqualmie-North Bend Police, and public service organizations such as NBAT can work jointly to provide efficient and timely emergency services that cater to the uniqueness of each emergency event. - NOW 114.8 PL ? The CEMP . 050 LAW 2 (OLD GB 2) (GREAT BEND LAKIN AND WILLIAMS) Product Code: 10-501885. 453. Chris Chapanar 4100 feet (LINKED TO 145.41 AND 441.375), Shoreline ACS (Crista Tower), SoSammamish plateau / lower Squak. No programming needed, just your zip code. In calendar year2016, dispatchers answered256,541incoming phone calls, of which 66,989were on 9-1-1. Since 1907, Kroesen's Uniform Company has been outfitting area citizens with exceptional. Texas Highway Patrol frequently utilize the County Sheriff's Office radio system where they operate. PUYALLUP CITY POLICE CAR-CAR, PUYALLUP FAIR SECURITY, CITY OF SEATTLE ENGINEERING DEPT. ch.1 (NO LONGER IN USE), NORTHERN LIFE BUILDING (3RD & SPRING) - SECURITY ch.2, Group Health Capitol Hill security/engineering, United Airlines maintenance at KSEA (covers ANA), WG Clark Construction site W31 (12th Ave NE & NE 41st St) (See also KB67544), (COMPUTER ALARM (N) ) *OVERLAKE HOSPITAL, (S OR /) DEL. City of Coos Bay, OR 500 Central Avenue, Coos Bay 97420 (541) 269-8912, Design by Granicus - Connecting People and Government. Officers build relationships at community events. Barton County Freq. If available, see below for a list of known police frequencies for North Bend, Washington. 6, ch.14 PORT OPERATIONS, VTS (PUGET SOUND SOUTH OF WHIDBEY ISLAND), PACIFIC MEDICAL CENTER (CWID EVERY 15 MIN KNFW518), SHORELINE SECURITY (SEE UHF, MAY NOT BE IN USE), GARBAGE/RECYCLE TRUCKS ? Police Equipment. However, technology can never replace the value that you, as citizens, have in sharing information with your local law enforcement officers. Clock/Alarm SECURITY (NOW TG35120), FUNTASTIC TRAVELING SHOWS (USED DURING CORNUCOPIA DAYS), TARGET STORE (Old VHF system, probably no longer in use, but not checked), COMCAST CABLE TV ch.1 - NORTH BEND/SNOQUALMIE, RENTON SCHOOL DIST. City staff also train in various aspects of emergency management. Whether it is a citywide emergency or a parade through town and many instances in between the North Bend Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES) Team serves a critical role in emergency preparedness. HAYSTACK), *TELE VUE, Harborview Medical Center Engineering Operations - Janitorial Services, Harborview Medical Center - Engineering Operations (Encrypted), Harborview Medical Center - Security Dispatch (Patrol Units Encrypted), DATA BURSTS - FROM NR NE 8TH & I-5 BELLEVUE, UW Classroom Technology & Events (CTE) (see 464.0875) (slot 1), UW School of Medicine (SLU): Ops (slot X), Mirabella: Valet/Security/Front Desk (slot 1), Westfield Southcenter Mall Security (slot 1), Trulia Center (110 Atrium) (see 461.4125), King County South Treatment Plant (slot 1), Bravern: Housekeeping/Valet/Concierge (slot 2), City Center Bellevue Ace Parking (slot 2), Westfield Southcenter Mall Housekeeping (slot 2), Mirabella: Environmental Services (slot 2), City of Kent: Public Work Operation (PW Control), Bellevue Place: PSAV Presentation Services, City of Kent: Public Work Engineer (PWE Control), City of Kent: ECD Permit and Planning (ECDPP), City of Kent: Park Facility Maint (PK FaclM 1), City of Kent: Park House Home Service (PKHouHS1), City of Kent: Park Maintained (PK Maint 1), City of Kent: Park Maintained (PK Maint 2), City of Kent: Park Pass Play Ground (PKpasPG), City of Kent: Park Recent Center (PK RecCen1), City of Kent: Park Recent Center (PK RecCen2), City of Kent: PW Fleet/Warehouse (PWFleet/WH), City of Kent: PW Wate (PW Water 2) KPW Field Comm3, City of Kent: PW Wate (PW Water 2) KPW Field Comm4, City of Kent: PW Street (PW Street 2) KPW Doc, City of Kent: PW Street (PW Street 3) KPW Admin, City of Kent: PW Utilities (PWSewerStrom1), City of Kent: PW Utilities Sewer (PWSewerStorm2) KPWFieldComm2, City of Kent: PW Utilities Strom Drainage (PWSewerStrom3) KPWDesign, City of Kent: Information Technology (New Group), City of Kent: PW Engineer Construction (ENG Const 1), City of Kent: PW Enqineer Tratfic (ENG Singal) KPW Transportation, City of Kent: Reserved Radio shop usage and training 1, City of Kent: Reserved Radio shop usage and training 2, City of Kent: Reserved Radio shop usage and training 3, City of Kent: Reserved Radio shop usage and training 4, City of Kent: Reserved Radio shop usage and training 5, City of Kent: Reserved Radio shop usage and training 6, City of Kent: Reserved Radio shop usage and training 7, City of Kent: Reserved Radio shop usage and training 8, City of Kent: Reserved Radio shop usage and training 9, City of Kent: Reserved Radio shop usage and training 10, Mormon Temple, security & automated voice alerts, Port of Seattle Maintenance Contractor 1 (B PHIL), Port of Seattle Maintenance Contractor 2 (JCI), Port of Seattle Airport Transit Office (Rental Car Facility buses), Port of Seattle Port Construction Service, Port of Seattle Tech Communications (Private), Port of Seattle Tech Communications (Shared), Metro Transit, Link ctrl, tunnel security, Transit PD. Preferred listings, or those with featured website buttons, indicate YP advertisers who directly provide information about their businesses to help consumers make more informed buying decisions. . 800 TAC 16 (OLD SO 3) (S. GALATIA NW 90 AVE) #216 - TRANSPORTATION, AMR AMBULANCE(EAST KING CO) (DISP. The Patrol Unit provides emergency response throughout the city 24 hour a day, seven days a week. TXCALL2 has replaced TXLAW1 for Intercity use. The City of North Bend contracts with the City of Snoqualmie Police Department for law enforcement and police services. KKNW 10/6kW relays CNN HEADLINE NEWS YOUR ALTERNATIVE TALK ST. KKDZ 5kW 1400-0800UT KIDSTAR R.DISNEY ABC ex KKFX, KKOL 5kW NEWS/TLK CNN 1300KOL ex KMPS, KOL, KKMO 5kW SS(SPANISH) RELIGIOUS R. SOL ex KAMT, KMO, KXPA 5kW ETHNIC SS ASIAN, ETC ex KLSY,KPLV, KLFE 5kW RELIGIOUS S.GOSPEL INSPIRATION R. ex KZOK,KUUU, KYIZ 10/1kW URBAN HIP HOP GOSPEL ex KRIZ. They welcome all local Technician Class and above amateur radio operators to join. Temporarily, our lobby is closed to help minimize exposure risk to our staff. Typical duties range from working with sworn Police Officers on patrol to enforcing disabled parking rules and regulations, enforcing special parking districts throughout the City and through a cooperative agreement in the City of North Bend. Email. Reports from local fire agencies, the Oregon . They intended to have lunch at a lake when his vehicle became stuck in the snow. 453.4000 TAC 17 (SUSANK TOWER NE 190 RD 20 AVE) same freq as county fire uses 192.8 pl - Manage notification subscriptions, save form progress and more. We provide our service based on our core values of personal accountability, professionalism, duty, commitment, objectivity, and public safety. Thank you for your assistance as we all try and navigate this difficult time. 15 MINS WPOY630, (N) @ ANTONS DWN RIVER FROM BLUE GATE JACKPOT STORE, USING FORKLIFTS, GETTING SAMPLES FOR AN ON-SITE LAB, *SHELL (ANACORTES),*FOSS MARITIME (SEATTLE), Bellevue Place (Capacity Plus) (Site 2) (control), Bellevue Place (Capacity Plus) (Site 1) (control), Swissport Fueling at KSEA (one of several active freqs), Jack in the Box Auburn North #2071 in-store pages, Jack in the Box Auburn North #2071 - drive thru, *American Airlines KSEA or 127.3? WPD__86, PORT OF SEATTLE TERMINAL 5 SECURITY SUPERVISOR, PORT OF SEATTLE TERMINAL 5 MAINT/REPAIR PARTS, Vigor Shipyard Harbor Island- EMS, Fire and Security primary, WRIGHT-RUNSTAD SECURITY @ WA MUTUAL TOWER (D262/316/431/730), PORT OF SEATTLE TERMINAL 5 CRANE MAINTENANCE, INTERMITTENT CARRIER S1 DWNTOWN SEA *WESTLAKE CENTER, SEATTLE CENTRAL COMMUNITY COLLEGE - ENGINEERING, *PORT OF SEATTLE, *NATIONAL GUARDIAN SECURITY, Nucor Steel West Seattle- Poss Channel 10, Target - Kent East Hill (Unknown which channel, possibly 3), 1001 4TH AVE PLAZA BUILDING - WINDOW WASHERS, PORT OF SEATTLE TERMINAL 5 SHIP STRAD 3 OPS, Target - Northgate - Channel 2 (Backroom), 1001 4TH AVE PLAZA BUILDING - PARKING GARAGE, Brinks Cash Logistics (heard in NE Seattle), Kohls on Union Hill Road for store operations, Unknown business near SE 256th ST & 104th AVE SE, Recology SODO MRF (Materials Recovery Facility), PORT OF SEATTLE TERMINAL 5 MAINT/REPAIR REEFERS, PORT OF SEATTLE TERMINAL 5 CFS/TRANSIT SHED, PORT OF SEATTLE TERMINAL 5 SHIP STRAD 5 OPS, LINK XMTR? A note about the regional frequencies listed below: WNNV501, AT&T (NORTH BEND) ##99=DUMP 0053# KNAF969. There is a lot more information regarding Texas DPS located in the RadioReference Wiki, including additional maps and agency subdivisions. Area Frequencies. The Community Resource Officer works primarily with our unsheltered population to assist them in finding resources to help them locate permanent housing and gain stability. According to an entry on the NBPD log for March 8, 4:15 p.m., 2300 block, Portland Community College Men's Soccer vs Lane Community College, Oregon State University Wrestling vs Oklahoma State University, Marshfield High School Volleyball vs Churchill High School, Epuerto Sports Basketball U8 Games 01.08.22, Discover the Coastal Charm of Bastendorff Beach, Oregon: A Guide to Its Beauty and Activities, Los campeones Warriors ganan en un final dramtico y empatan la serie con los Kings, Coos Bay Real Estate - North Bend Real Estate - Oregon, Coos Bay Real Estate - North Bend Real Estate - Magazine/Guide. 300 TAC 13 (OLD SO 4) (PAWNEE ROCK NW 40 RD 130 AVE) 2023 541-269-8911 Click here to go to the official site POLICE TEN CODES, LAW ENFORCEMENT 10 CODES, POLICE RADIO CODES The District dispatches for 15 police and fire/emergency medical services (EMS) agencies and works closely with the U.S. Forest Service, AirLink . Enjoy the Best Police Scanner Radio App for Windows and Listen to Police Station near me or Listen to a Scanner Radio live from around the world with over 7,000 audio feeds to choose from with categories for Police Radio Scanner, Fire and EMS stations from United States, Canada, and more. Overlake Hospital facilities/maintenance? ch.3 /SNOWPLOWS, CITY ENGINEERING DEPT @ HALLER LAKE SHOP ch.1 (LINK TG 6544), CITY OF SEATTLE CWID WNBM200 *SEATTLE WASTEWATER, Washington State Convention Center; Ch Unk, KING CO ROAD DEPT ch.1 (NO RX PL) (LINK TG26448), CITY OF MERCER ISLAND - EMERGENCY OPERATIONS, KING COUNTY (PAVING CREWS - FLAGGER HANDHELDS), Port of Seattle KSEA AP Fire/EMS tone-outs, Only CWID, City of Seattle license KFV877, CITY OF SEATTLE *SEATTLE CITY SOLID WASTE (NO RX PL), Washington State Convention Center; Ch-1 Aramark catering, Washington State Convention Center; Ch-5 Traffic Attendants/vehicle movement, Washington State Convention Center; Ch-6 SetUp and Maintenance, KingCo Seattle Site 01 Simulcast Base Station Identifier (CWID), KingCo EPSCA Site 03 Simulcast base station identifier, KingCo Seattle Site 01 Simulcast Alternate, VALLEYCOMM POLICE/FIRE MDTS (MDC4800 PROTOCOL) WPDQ377, KingCo KC/VC Site 17 Regional Justice Center Control, KingCo EPSCA Education Hill primary control, KingCo EPSCA 41 Coal Creek fill-in primary control, KingCo EPSCA Site 40 Education Hill alternate, KingCo KC/VC Site 08 Grass Mtn base station identifier, KingCo KC/VC Site 15 Courthouse Primary Control, KingCo KC/VC Site 11 McDonald Mtn Alternate, KING COUNTY Site 08 (SOBIESKI MT.) Stephen reported the incident and location and provided emergency communications assistance that aided in the search and rescue operation. 800MHz Base / Mobile Scanner /Narrowband Compatibility DEPT ch.5 (TFC LGHT MAINT/DRAWBRIDGES) (CWID). Used for parking shuttle for Redondo store (25250 Pac Hwy S), Town Centre Hardware (Ace) Lake Forest Park, King Co Public Safety - Metro Transit T102 SEA TRANSIT TUNNEL NAC 1F2 CC, King Co Public Safety - Metro Transit T101 NAC1F1 CC, Shuttle Express (Cabs) (Full Duplex System), King County Metro Transit Power & Facilities, (WAS KING COUNTY / VALLEYCOMM - SITE 10) -NEED TO ID SITE, SEATTLE CITY LIGHT Ch.1 (rptr on Crista tower in Shoreline), AMR SOUTH/EAST KING CO DISPATCH - LINKED TO 155.160, SEATTLE CITY LIGHT Ch.2 (BASE SIMULCAST ON 37.58) WNNR521, KIRO (HELICOPTER) *MT.CONS, GUNSITE, GRASS, CAPITAL, QUEEN ANNE, Shuttle Express (Dispatcher) (Full Duplex System), McDonalds Redondo #12763 - Customer and Order taker, ch. fatal car accidents missouri 2022, rhys william cazenove, dupage county death notices,
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